Are You Living in the Present or the Past?


*This article was originally published on Thrive Global.

Do you often find yourself deep in thought, brooding, ruminating, or analyzing? Are you feeling unhappy and sour much of the day, though you can’t pinpoint what it is that is bothering you?

It might very well be that you have a string of unhappy thoughts running through your head all day long. I know this very well because I did this pretty much all my life until I found a different way. My thoughts were running my life.

There were replays of the past looping over and over in my head along with “what should’ve been/could’ve been,” followed by worries and hopes of what’s to come in the future. I was mostly either living in the past or the future and very much in my head, AND I was sublimely unhappy.

Then one day, it got to a point where living in the past was too painful to bear and thinking about the future too exhausting.

Only thing I wanted to do was yoga, which I had just taken up. The practice of yoga was so welcoming and refreshing because it only asked that I be present with my body and mind in each moment. There was no past or future but only now.

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