4 Steps To Feeling Bliss At Home

Do you love your living space?

Does it reflect your personality and make you feel relaxed and soothed?

If you said no, read on. (If you said yes, you can stop reading and go enjoy your blessed living space.)

Up until my early 20's, I used to not like my living space at all. On top of being a clutter queen, I had furniture and decor that I didn't care for because I usually went for the practical, safe, and the most affordable options.

I dreamed of a future when I would be surrounded by all the beautiful things I wanted to get in my exact taste in my beautiful home.

Then one day, as I was going through my personal transformation, I wanted to get rid of all the clutter in my room. My mind was getting cleared and I wanted my space to reflect that.

I ended up getting rid of 20 large garbage bags full of stuff.

It felt so good.

I realized that the clutter I had was a reflection of my cluttered mind. And I also realized that the physical clutter itself was affecting my mind as well. It worked in both ways.

Over the years, I started to not only keep clear of clutter (with an occasional clutter sweep or two) but also beautify my home with little things that made my living space feel like a cozy sanctuary.

Before my transformation, I was thrifty when it came to beautification of my home, deeming it unnecessary luxury that I could not afford. I had only practical items that I absolutely needed like a dresser, bed, bookcase, etc.

After my transformation, my living space started to include things like candles, flowers and vases, and other purely decorative items, seeing them as beauty necessary in my life.

Surrounded by beauty, I feel uplifted and nurtured, and the energy of the space is different too.

It carries the energy of my own loving care.

And as we evolve as human beings our taste changes as well. We want to honor that so that our living space is in alignment with that change as well.

For example, I used to have a soft pink comforter cover that I really liked for a long time. As I changed over the years, however, the color didn’t feel right to me anymore. I chucked it recently and I’m on the lookout for a green and white cover instead.

I’m also due for a little bit of home makeover that I’m about to share with you. (Hopefully you read this and do it and share your experience with me below in the comment.)

So, here are 4 simple steps you can to take to transform your space so you can feel nurtured and good in your home.

4 Simple Steps To Stress-Free Home

(This will shift the energy in your life right away as well.)

1. Scope out your space for an eyesore.

For this exercise, let's focus on small items. If you start thinking about a large item like a dresser, it may feel too daunting. Put those large items for the "later" list.

Let's really feel out the space. What doesn't feel right to you? What feels out of place? What items do you have for functionality only that you actually hate. What do you not like to see? Write them out.

Now look at the list and see which one really feels like an eyesore or "feelsore?" (Yes, I just made up the word.)

Once you decided, move on to the next step.

2. Chuck one item in your home that you don’t like.

Remember, you can always give the item to a friend or a goodwill. You're not being wasteful in any way, if it feels that way. (Of course, if the item is tattered or broken, do yourself a favor and throw it out for the love of humanity.)

If you somehow feel attached to the item, do a "goodbye ceremony" thanking the item for being useful to you for however long you had it.

Now, let it go!

Notice any feeling of liberation.

3. Envision beauty.

Now, look at your space and see what would feel good to have in your home. It can be a replacement of the item you just got rid of or it can be an entirely different item.

Envision your ideal home in your mind's eyes.

Now, you might see a whole bunch of items and that's good--dream on!--but for today I want you to pick one item you can get this week (if not today). It can be a small item like a small picture frame or it can be a more significant item like a lamp.

What would make your space a little bit more beautiful? What would feel good to you?

Remember, you don't have to make your place look like a picture from a magazine. Focus on having things that nurture you and that say, "me!"

Once you've decided on the item, go to the next step.

4. Get what you love!

Go to a store of your choice. You can go online or you can go to a physical store.

Don't get too fixated on what the item should look like. The item you find might look a little bit or a lot different from what you imagined, but if you like it, test it out in your mind's eyes. If it feels good to be in your space in your mind, go for it. If it doesn't, look around some more.

When you find your newly beloved item, take it home!

Notice how you feel. You may feel nurtured.

Repeat 1-4 as needed until your home feels like your sanctuary.

Please remember, this is not about materialism. It's about nurturing yourself and letting your life be the expression of your unique self in every way!

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