A few months ago I was at a crossroads in life and the decisions in front of me seemed overwhelming.  I found myself feeling withdrawn and anxious.  I knew I had to do something to focus myself so that I could make positive choices.  A mutual friend referred me to Say for Life Coaching.
I did not know what life coaching was when I first met Say and I did not know what to expect from it.  I am an intelligent person and the idea of asking someone else to help manage my own feelings was strange to me – actually, sort of embarrassing.  Although, we did talk about how I felt, the purpose was more about empowering me with tools to help me manage my life, my choices, and understand what causes me to behave in certain ways.  I honestly believe everyone should be exposed to this kind of training.  It should be taught in school even.  If we all spent more time understanding ourselves, I am sure the world would be a happier place.
As for my own personal crossroads – I am now in a very happy place, in a positive state of mind, very optimistic, and having a great time.  When issues do pop up, and they always will, I am now armed with a bunch of tools to use that help me solve them and get back to life.  I highly recommend Say!
- Jerry Powell
I have worked with Say on a number of occasions when I was either feeling like my vibration was low, or just not feeling as good as I'd like to feel in general about certain topics in my life.
She has a wonderful way of helping you see things from many different perspectives (besides your own, which we are often very laser focused on). The way she would take me through certain exercises really helped me FEEL certain emotions that I was subconsciously wanting to stuff down and ignore, and then I would come out on the other side after feeling my emotions and I would feel more powerful and capable.
She is a very empathetic coach and you can tell that she loves what she does for the purpose of helping people feel better and more powerful in their own energy.  Each time I have coached with her I felt stronger and more grounded at the end! I would definitely recommend her if you are someone who is looking to feel more powerful in your own energy, looking to set new life goals, or looking to lift your vibration in general.
- GJ
Say is a fantastic life coach. She is an excellent listener and knows just the questions to ask to help you (and her) make sense of your situation. By bringing compassion and empathy to her coaching sessions, she allows you to feel understood and that you are not alone in your thoughts and feelings. I had been struggling with a relationship (romantic), and I needed to make some decisions about where this relationship was going. Say helped me process the feelings I was having on a remarkably deep level. I had it all figured out in my head, but she taught me that in order to truly let go and eliminate the blocks that would probably affect other future relationships, I needed to process the situation on an emotional level. She guided me through exercises that allowed me to see that what my heart wanted and what I was getting out of the relationship were not in alignment. It was difficult to face this at the time, but I'm so glad I did. I now have a clearer understanding of how this relationship was affecting me and I am much less afraid than I was before to get in touch - and stay in touch - with my emotional self. I am so thankful to Say for helping me tap into courage I didn't know was there and for showing me that my past experiences in relationships are not hard-wired patterns that cannot be changed.
- Jewels H.
Much gratitude for what we have shared together. Thank you for creating a safe space for me and for helping me explore. I really appreciate your non judgmental stance and they way you could distill the heart of the matter. Almost like an alchemist. Magical :)
- C. B.
My coaching sessions with Saya have been a wonderful and truly eye-opening experience.  As someone who is typically shy, I felt so comfortable talking to her and looked forward to each of our weekly sessions. She is very easy to open up to, and is extremely knowledgeable. I came away with a much better understanding of how to drop back into my body and pay attention to what I'm feeling, and the importance of doing so. It didn't always come easy to me, but Saya was so patient and gentle during the entire process, and it really helped me to get past a lot of my own insecurities. She also helped me to look at certain thoughts from different angles, and perspectives - something I truly appreciate. I feel a lot more comfortable with myself and more capable of handling negative thoughts. I would absolutely do it again, and recommend to anyone who is in need of a little motivation to reach out and work with her! I'm so grateful for this experience.
Kristie S.