Hi, I'm Say (pronounced sigh).

I believe that we can all live a life that's meaningful and joyful. I came to this conclusion after many years of living a life that was quite the opposite of joyful. My own suffering pushed me in the direction of finding peace and joy in my life.

In my early childhood and teens, I went through quite a bit of misery and heartbreaks.

In my 20's, I suffered from chronic illnesses including severe adult acne, chronic fatigue, migraine headaches (I used to pop painkillers like candy) as well as severe irritable bowel syndrome.

And in my early 30's, I went through a year and half of sever depression.

I also suffered from extreme poor self image since I was a little girl till I was in my late 20's.

All of these experiences forced me to seek ways to ease suffering in my life.

It led me to yoga, self-growth/development books and teachers and workshops.

I learned to use all that didn't feel good as opportunities for growth, self-knowledge, and exploration. And I came away with tools and knowledge to live my life with resilience, joy, presence, and magic.

Moving from suffering to joy in my life has taught me that:

  • I can choose peace and joy in every situation. I always have a choice. I'm not a helpless victim.

  • "Miracles" and magic happen when we "plug in" to the infinite possibilities of the universe.

  • Doing what we love right now brings more joy into our lives.

  • We can feel good in our own skin.

  • Your life has meaning!

  • I am loved, cared for, and provided for by the benevolent force of the universe that I call God (you may call it something else), and so are you!

“The world is full of magic things, patiently waiting for our senses to grow sharper.” - W.B. Yeats



Say (pronounced sigh) is a Martha Beck trained life coach, certified yoga teacher (RYT-200), writer, and creative juggler. Say loves to help people break through fear and resistance so that they can live bold, big lives that are authentic to them. Say is passionate about consciously creating a world that is more sustainable, in harmony, loving, and cooperative. When she's not coaching, teaching, or writing, you can find her doing yoga on the mountain, walking barefoot in the woods, hugging a tree, or dancing in the snow.


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