7 Pitfalls That Keep You from Happiness


*This article was originally published on Thrive Global.

To be honest, becoming happy was not high on my agenda for the first half of my life (no wonder I was unhappy); I was too busy caught up in my own misery to think about happiness.

Ironically (and fortunately for me), suffering in my life got so great in my early 20’s to the point that I had no choice but to seek other ways of being and relating in this world, because let’s face it, I was way too unhappy.

When I started to learn different and new ways of relating to myself, others, and the world at large, I came to realize how I was creating my own unhappiness in major ways.

These 7 pitfalls I’m going to show you are exactly what I was doing in my unhappy days. I was sure happy to recognize them and stop falling into these pitfalls that kept me from my happiness.

Sometimes it’s not what we need to do but it’s what we need to stop doing in order to clear a way for happiness. So take a moment to see if you’re living with these 7 pitfalls that are keeping you from your happiness.

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