How to Brave Through the Unknown


*This article was originally published on Sivana East.

Let’s face it, most of us (if not all) are afraid of the unknown to one extent or the other. The unknown brings the possibility of loss, failure, danger, misfortune; even though it also brings the possibility of gain, success, safety, and fortune at the same time. We like knowing. We like knowing what to expect and where we stand even if that means we continue on an utterly uninspiring journey, stay in a destructive relationship, and stay in a job we hate. We know what to expect and it feels safe. It feels comfortably uncomfortable.

The reality is, the unknown comes whether we like it or not. It comes in the form of layoffs, unexpected loss of a loved one, economic crisis, natural disaster, you name it. While we hope that tragedy doesn’t come across our paths, life inevitably brings its joy along with pain. And the unknown is part of life’s DNA just like change, which, as some say, is the only constant thing in life.

We can choose to curl up in a ball and hope and pray that things stay the same, and then live in absolute dread when the unknown comes, but there’s a better way to face and navigate through the unknown. Instead of letting it cripple us, we can choose to embrace the unknown when it hits or even choose to leap into it when the life presents its opportunity for something potentially wonderful. After all, life is full of unknown. Keep the following in mind when you’re faced with the unknown, and you’re more likely to move through it with less anxiety and stress.

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