What do you do?

I help women turn on their bliss, and help them reconnect to their sense of pleasure, possibility, and their deepest heart's desires so that they can fall in love with their lives and themselves.

How do you do that?

I do that by having them fully engage all of their 5 senses to get back into the body, from which they likely have disassociated from, in times of emotional difficulties.

Bliss is always inside of us but we often "turn it off" or bury it under all the muck of disappointments, overwhelm, helpless feelings, and hurt.

In the process of dealing with difficult situations, we sometimes go numb so as not to feel the overwhelming pain, and at the same time, we end up going numb in the good feelings as well.  

My job essentially is to gently guide them back to the wholeness of their being where they can experience the entire spectrum of emotions, and express it in a healthy way.

And from that place of wholeness, they can experience the richness of life and become fully alive in every moment.

I use tools and exercises to help them really see the flowers once again, really feel the ground under their feet, and really hear the birds singing in the morning.

These tools and exercises are highly body-centered and experiential so they can immediately start to experience shifts that bring a sense of bliss.  

A lot of times we try to think our way out of problems but often we find that creates a lot of frustration instead.

So I help them integrate the mind and body with each step they take, each bite they take, with each love they make.

I help them be with each experience with their whole being.

How did you come to this work?

I suffered from many years of low self-esteem, self-loathing, and body dysmorphia. I also suffered from a year and half of depression after years of repressing anger.

By working through these things, I gained valuable insights and tools, and I felt that there are women out there going through similar situations that can use these tools to empower themselves to live a happier life.  

What makes you different?

I bring what I gained from my yoga practice and teaching yoga and combine it with what I learned from overcoming depression and many years of personal development.

What is your session like?

I use body scanning, meditation, and visualization just to name a few. I also have clients do what I call "playwork" instead of homework, which is meant to bring more pleasure into their lives.