If you're feeling like you're in a dark hole... If you're feeling like the life went out of you... If you can't remember the last time you really looked at the setting sun or smelled the flowers... If you feel like bliss is the farthest thing you feel...

I know exactly how you feel, because I've been there.

I remember when I went numb...

My Story:

I went through a year and a half period of depression 6 years ago where everything lost its color. I went numb. I was in a state of apathy. The things that used to move me didn't move me. The songs I used to love became a noise. I couldn't get excited about anything.

All I wanted to do was sleep. I had no energy. I would go to work, come home, and sleep. On my days off, I sometimes slept for 15-17 hours. I woke up with a heavy, dark cloud of dull aches over my chest every day. So I slept. Sleep was my drug of choice.

I ended up in this place of depression after going through a series of disappointments, seemingly impossible circumstances, bulldozing over my feelings--in an attempt to be strong--and years of repressing anger, because I had believed it was "wrong" to be angry.

I got tired of hoping and hanging on to my faith for a better future, after several years of unanswered prayers and things getting worse and worse.

After years of what felt like fighting against the current, the life went out of me. I started living like a zombie. I was living but I wasn't alive. I went to work and slept, I went to work and slept.

And guess what?

This experience was one of the biggest blessings in disguise in my life.

Don’t get me wrong, it was a very painful experience and I don’t wish that on anyone, but I was forced to live in the present moment, because it was too painful for me to think about the past or the future.

Regretting the past, praying for things to turn around in the future, and trying to decide what the best course of action to take--I did that to death. I had no energy left.

All I could do was just be and live.

For the first time in my life, I was living in the present moment. And after quite a bit of slumber, I wanted to live again, because I had a purpose in this life--or at least, so I once thought.

And slowly and slowly, I started to put the pieces of my life together.

This period became the most amazing time of introspection, self-exploration, and discovery. It taught me how to be more alive in each moment. And it taught me how to be happy no matter the circumstances. I came out of depression feeling more whole, and happy for the first time in my life.

I learned how to turn on my bliss.

I learned that bliss is something that's always inside of us and it's either dimmed or turned off when we are not feeling so well. Just like a stove, it has potential to radiate brightly, but we consciously or unconsciously turn it down or turn it off.

During my journey of depression and beyond, I picked up many tools and exercises that turn on the bliss or turn it up. I used these exact tools and exercises when I was going through a challenging time 3 years ago, and I was able to turn my bliss back on.

And these tools are not only for getting out of tough times but are also for bringing more joy into my life right now. I still use them to keep my bliss on or turn it up if it gets dim.

And I want to share them with you.

If I Can Turn My Story Around, I Can Help You Do It, Too.

Your stress can turn to bliss in a moment.

You can go from feeling unattractive and blah to feeling radiant and beautiful.

You can get excited about life.

I want to show you how to turn on your bliss and create a better present now just like I did.

I want to show you that:

  • You can feel radiant and vibrant now

  • You can experience more spontaneous joy every day

  • You can feel sensual and attractive

  • You can get excited about life again

What Does It Feel Like to Turn on Your Bliss?

When you are living with your bliss turned on, you are living and experiencing life with all your senses fully engaged...

  • You are fully present in whatever you are doing in the moment without thinking about the past or the future.
  • You really "see" the sunset, you really "hear" the music, you really "smell" the flowers and allow the pleasure of each experience to permeate your whole being.
  • You embrace whatever comes up in you in each experience and fully feel the entire spectrum of emotions, sensations, and feelings and allow the richness of life to unfold before your eyes.

You allow the magic to happen. Your whole being becomes alive. Your bliss beams out of you!

When you live with aliveness, you open your eyes to see the infinite possibilities of life. And you can offer your unique gifts to the world from the place of fullness and aliveness.

Let me show you how.

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I am not a therapist, and coaching is not therapy. The help and support I offer is different from that offered by a therapist, and is not meant to be a substitution for such. If you are in immediate danger, please stop reading this page and call a suicide hotline. You are responsible for your own actions, and follow any advice at your own risk.