If you are one of the many busy New York City warriors like me running from place to place trying to get stuff done, you might be feeling exhausted, the minute you get up in the morning until you hit the bed.

So, if you are carrying a heavy burden of stress with a creaky back, stiff joints, and impossibly tight muscles, I can help you experience life in a totally different way.

I used to be just like that—stressed, overwhelmed and tired...all the time!

Yoga changed all of that.

Since I started practicing yoga, I became more alive, energized, focused, calm and relaxed in body and mind.

My body is more supple and strong and I feel and look better at 38 than I did when I was 20!

It really wasn't like that.

I used to be chronically fatigued.

I used to get a migraine headache twice a week.

I used to have a horrible posture.

And I was creaky, weak and tense everywhere.

Ever since I started practicing yoga, something shifted immediatelyphysically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually.

Yoga felt good.

Yoga felt good during and after.

I could never really stick to one exercise for a long time but I could do yoga every day.

Yoga stuck with me.

It was a pleasure to do yoga.

I've been doing yoga for 8 years now and I plan to do it the rest of my life.

And, my body changed—not in the "boot camp" quick lose weight sort of way but in a way that seems more permanent.

Posture better, muscle tone maintained, and more flexible every day.

I have the energy to do what I wantlike hiking up the tallest mountain in New York.

And I feel more confident, centered, and grounded (which says a lot for a naturally airy person like me!).

And so, recommending yoga to everyone is a no-brainer to me!

I know you'll benefit from yoga like I didimmediately!

You body will change.

Your mind will be clear.

You will be more centered and calm.

You will experience bliss.

So I invite you to call me or write me so I can answer any questions or concerns you may have working with me. I would love to chat with you!

Do you want to:

  • Feel great without the nagging pain
  • Glow from inside out
  • Loosen your impossibly tight muscles
  • Feel focused and productive at work
  • Have energy and the supple body to do the things you love
  • Feel relaxed and more loving with your partner
  • Receive one-on-one instructions that are suited for your unique body

In Yoga for Bliss in Your Home

We work together to:

  • strengthen and loosen your muscles
  • melt away your tension
  • loosen your joints
  • improve balance, digestion, circulation
  • detoxify your organs
  • calm your nervous system so you can relax!
  • create more freedom in your breathing
  • energize your body

Yoga for Bliss is done in your home or office for your convenience! I come to you!

Let's start feeling good!

What to do next?

If you live on Maui you can book me on Coach Up. You can go to the Coach Up website and book private sessions with me HERE.

Not on Maui? We can now connect with me online HERE to do yoga online from my living room to your living room anywhere in the world! 

Questions? Contact me!

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